About Us

Invis London is located in the Queen Anne Street, London. It’s one of the best dental clinics delivering world-class dental treatments. On a mission to “make smiles better”, Invisalign London has developed a state-of-art practice with the most modern equipment to offer all types of dental and oral care solutions. We are here to make your dental system functionally better and aesthetically brilliant with exceptionally high-quality treatments.

We understand facing dental equipment is not easy for many, so we pay special attention to making your dental care journey more comfortable. Our experts will share all possible treatment-related information to ease your stress so that you could get quality results with maximum comfort. It is not just about using the best of the world technologies but making you feel good during and after the treatment.

Once you are at our practice, you are free of the worries of looking after your kid as our trained staff will make sure your child gets the best attention. Above all, our system is fully equipped to offer the best dental care solution to people with disabilities. To make it easier for you to get quality services even on working days, we have extended opening hours with a simple scheduling process.

What Makes Invis London Dental Clinic Great

Your trust matters most to us, so we have the finest dental care professionals to offer all types of treatments and after-care. Get in touch to know more about our dental care services and how we deliver them with perfection to help you regain the confidence to smile freely.

Practice Philosophy

Our priority is to make your dental system perfect and we do so by making orthodontic treatments pleasant and painless. Each case is unique, so our treatment plan remains focused on exclusivity. We are here to listen and understand your concerns and find solutions that suit your needs best.

Informed Patients

We believe trust and confidence of patients plays an important role in the success of treatment and recovery. So, we try our best to be open and transparent in discussing the problem, possible solutions, and risk factors. The idea is to help you make an informed decision, so we share all possible treatment details. We are open to help you get all possible answers before the treatment begins.

Modern Treatment

Expertise matters, but you could get the best results only when advanced modern equipment and procedures are used perfectly. For us every case is unique, so we offer customized dental care solutions to achieve remarkable results in the minimum possible time with maximum comfort.


The quality of treatment depends on how effectively a dental care professional interacts with you. So, we have a robust system in place to help you interact with your dentist, surgeon, or orthodontist to help you get all possible answers. Our team is always in action to help you get the best results.

Safe Clinic

You can expect quality treatments only when the dental clinic maintains standard hygiene and safety practices. Besides following regulatory compliance standards for patient and staff safety, we take it a little more seriously and make sure to make the atmosphere safe, secure, and amicable. Since we are amidst of global pandemic we have special arrangements to deal with the situation:

  • Welcome assistant will check your temperature and sanitize at the entrance
  • Currently, we are not allowing companions. However, there is an exception for minors or people with special needs
  • You have to wear a mask
  • We follow social distancing norms strictly
  • Brushing, gargling, spitting is strictly forbidden at the clinic
  • You have to take prior appointment using suitable digital channels just to avoid crowding
  • The team remains fully equipped with protective gears to ensure your safety

The prevalent situation is challenging for all, so are doing everything possible to serve with maximum safety. Your understanding is important, so let us all work together to minimize exposure to infectious agents and get the best dental care solution.

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