What is Scalloped Tongue? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

If your tongue has developed rippled or wavy indentations on the outermost sides, it could be a scalloped tongue. Although it is rarely painful or a sign of an underlying medical condition, it could affect normal oral functionalities. It is known by other names as pie-crust tongue, crenated tongue, rippled tongue, or lingua indentata. Knowing […]

What Is Teeth Straightening? – Different Methods to Opt

Every smile is perfect. But sometimes, if you are looking for a celebrity-like smile with perfectly aligned teeth, teeth straightening comes as a great option. The name is self-explanatory in itself that if you have “not-so-perfectly” aligned teeth, they can be placed in the right position to make your smile perfect as well. Many people […]

Orthodontist Vs. Dentist: Differences and Similarities

Facial aesthetics depend on the shape, alignment, and cleanliness of your teeth. Perfectly aligned teeth with sparkling brightness make your smile attractive. Just like billions of others, your facial features and smile are also unique. But if you think your teeth are not in alignment and causing several functional and aesthetical challenges, you can make […]

Did Your Tooth Broke Off Root Still In? Here’s What You Need To Do:

You are eating some food, and suddenly you feel some discomfort in your mouth. Then you find one of your teeth has been broken. Now upon close checking, you see the tooth broke off root still in. If so has happened to you, then you must take the necessary step as early as possible.  It […]

Throbbing Tooth Pain- Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

There are different types of tooth pain. There can be a dull ache, sensitivity, sharp pain, and all of them indicate a problem or other. One of such pains is throbbing tooth pain. The reason can be various, and it is not something you can treat at home. Avoiding it is not possible at all. […]