Did Your Tooth Broke Off Root Still In? Here’s What You Need To Do:

You are eating some food, and suddenly you feel some discomfort in your mouth. Then you find one of your teeth has been broken. Now upon close checking, you see the tooth broke off root still in. If so has happened to you, then you must take the necessary step as early as possible.  It […]

Mesiodens: A Complete Guidance to Cure Your Child

Have you just found an extra tooth in your child’s mouth? Before you think having a tooth out of place is normal, let us tell you, it can be a mesiodens. Yes, it is a rare phenomenon that some children might experience. If your child’s baby teeth have just come in properly and you detect […]

How Long Does it Take for Wisdom Teeth to Come In?

Are you feeling extreme jaw pain and tender gums? Or are you feeling difficulties while eating or opening your mouth? If yes, then it’s a thing to become concerned about. Yes, these symptoms may indicate a wisdom tooth, and it can come in at any age between 17 to 25. If you are dealing with […]

Throbbing Tooth Pain- Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

There are different types of tooth pain. There can be a dull ache, sensitivity, sharp pain, and all of them indicate a problem or other. One of such pains is throbbing tooth pain. The reason can be various, and it is not something you can treat at home. Avoiding it is not possible at all. […]

What Does A Cavity Look Like? How To Tell If You Have Cavity?

Whenever it comes to teeth, the cavity is the unseen enemy, which always threatens you. Brush your teeth twice, or you will get a cavity. Eat more sweets, and you will get a cavity. And there are many more ways in which you are supposed to get a cavity. But what exactly is cavity is […]

How to Get Rid of Gum Abscess?

Healthy gums or gingiva play a very important role in keeping your oral space functionally perfect and aesthetically brilliant by surrounding and protecting teeth and underlying bone. The gums, comprising outer epithelium and inner connective tissue, form a seal and protect your teeth and bone from infections. The best possible way to keep your gums […]