How To Floss With Permanent Retainer? : A Step By Step Guidance

Flossing is an effective method that helps to complete your brushing routine. According to orthodontics, flossing helps to prevent periodontal disease, cavities, and several orthodontic issues. Flossing helps to increase the blood circulation in the gums. If you need to remove the plaque and debris from your teeth, then you must opt for flossing.  However, […]

How do braces work? – A Complete Overview

Are you worried about your child’s misaligned teeth? Then you can think of dental braces to shape your child’s teeth. It helps to fix tooth shape very easily, especially when worn at an early age. Braces put pressure on the teeth during a certain period. The pressure helps to move the direction of the teeth […]

What Is Teeth Straightening? – Different Methods to Opt

Every smile is perfect. But sometimes, if you are looking for a celebrity-like smile with perfectly aligned teeth, teeth straightening comes as a great option. The name is self-explanatory in itself that if you have “not-so-perfectly” aligned teeth, they can be placed in the right position to make your smile perfect as well. Many people […]

Can Invisalign Fix Overbite? – Guide to an Orthodontic Treatment

Are you thinking of undergoing Invisalign treatment to fix your overbite? Then reading this article will be beneficial for you. There are some important facts about this orthodontic treatment that you must know before opting for it. So to start with, “Can Invisalign fix overbite?”  Well, yes, it can. From mild to moderate misalignment of […]

Permanent Retainer Broke: What To Do?

Permanent retainers are permanent, but it doesn’t mean that they are invincible. They can break, but when they do, it’s a big deal. Why? Because they are expensive, and they can halt the progress you have made with your teeth. Retainers are essential to keep your teeth in their new place after orthodontic treatment. There […]

About Nance Appliance: Things to Know Before Using it!

A Nance Appliance is a dental appliance used for anchorage reinforcement treatments. Orthodontics use a nance appliance to expand or rotate the upper molars so that they remain at the appropriate place. It works as a space maintainer and mostly prevents upper molars from drifting forward. If your orthodontics has prescribed a nance appliance for […]

Essix Retainer: Should I Get Essix Retainers After Braces?

You’ve just said goodbye to your braces and welcomed the new form of your beautiful smile. Now wearing a retainer again is undoubtedly tiring. Especially if you’re opting for a permanent or acrylic retainer, it will again intervene in your profile look. You may choose not to wear one, but that will eventually void all […]

How much do braces cost for kids and adults?

A healthy dental system ensures a healthy life full of happiness. Besides functional perfection, an aesthetically pleasing dental system gives you the confidence to smile freely. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with perfectly aligned teeth, affecting the functional efficacy of the oral system and making them self-conscious of their facial appearance. Thanks to the technological […]

What is Stannous Fluoride? – Pros and Cons

Fluoride, found naturally in food and water, plays a very important role in keeping your dental system healthy through the remineralization of enamel. Teeth enamel loses minerals like fluoride, calcium, and phosphate, and fluoride helps in maintaining the balance through remineralization. If the balance gets disturbed, you might need supplementary fluoride, available as a common […]