Have you just found an extra tooth in your child’s mouth? Before you think having a tooth out of place is normal, let us tell you, it can be a mesiodens. Yes, it is a rare phenomenon that some children might experience. If your child’s baby teeth have just come in properly and you detect one misaligned tooth, it may be a sign you need to visit an orthodontist. 

A routine dental check-up can help your child to get rid of the issue. The presence of mesiodens can cause several dental problems in the future. So, early removal of the mesiodens is always advisable. However, don’t panic, as we’re here to provide you with a complete overview of mesiodens. So scroll down and learn ‘what is a mesiodens,’ ‘how does it occur,’ and the treatment for it. Let’s start.  

What is a mesiodens?

Mesiodens can be considered as an extra tooth or supernumerary. This is a rare dental issue that toddlers face sometimes. Mostly, the mesiodens appear behind the central incisors of the palate area of the mouth. It can be explained as an extra tooth located behind the middle of two upper front teeth in simple language. According to several surveys, you can find only one percent of children with this rare dental issue. 

However, this extra tooth can invite several dental issues in the future. So, the early detection of mesiodens will help you to keep your child’s oral health protected. 

What causes mesiodens?

The exact reasons behind them are still unknown. Though, some people think mesiodens may appear due to genetic issues. On the other hand, some people think overacting in the dental lamina may cause mesiodes.

Risks associated with mesiodens:

The mesiodens may affect the oral health of your child. As the tooth is directly located in the palate area, it may stick the food particles around the tooth. As a result, your child may face several problems like tooth decay, gum diseases, and gingivitis.

According to orthodontics, it can cause cysts. As it is located on the palate area, it is difficult to clean that area properly. Sometimes, your child may face speccing and chewing issues due to them. This extra tooth may irritate your child’s tongue as well.

A mesiodens may hamper the growth of permanent teeth. Different orthodontic issues like teeth misalignment, crowding, and malocclusion can also occur. Most importantly, it will affect the profile of your child, which can be embarrassing for him/her in the future.

Effect of routine dental check-ups:

If you find mesiodens in your child’s mouth at an early age, then proper dental treatment can reduce the chances of risks associated with it. Routine dental visits will help your child to overcome the issues as soon as possible. The dentists will perform the proper examination before starting the required treatment for your child. We will suggest that if your child has mesiodens, then you must visit the dentists once every six months. It will help your child to get a proper examination for tooth decay and other dental issues. So, if you find it in your child’s teeth, then visit the dentist as early as possible.

Note: As per the opinion of the experts, the treatment associated with mesiodens must begin before the age of 5. This will help you to prevent the permanent teeth from getting impacted by the mesiodens. The early treatment will help your kid to avoid future orthodontic treatments too.

How to treat supernumerary teeth?

The complete extraction of the supernumerary (extra) tooth is considered the best treatment option for mesiodens. Otherwise, there will arise several threats to your kid’s normal dental development. The complete extraction will reduce the chances of further risks that are associated with mesiodens.

If you are worried that the process of extracting teeth will be very painful for your child, then you must not be worried about it. The support of local anesthesia will numb your kid’s upper palate. And we can assure you that it will not harm your child. Orthodontics utilizes different dental equipment for removing the supernumerary tooth. Sometimes your child may need stitches to recover the small gap that appears in the mouth after completing the tooth extraction procedure. Once the entire treatment is done, you must take proper care of your kid’s oral health. This will help your child to recover quickly.


If your child has mesiodens, then you must take the necessary steps for the treatment as early as possible. The late removing procedure can cause severe dental issues. The early extraction procedure can be done before the root formation of them. A proper dental examination like an X-ray can help you to know the exact condition of your child. Some people prefer to do the extraction procedure after the formation of the root. However, you must follow your doctor’s advice. Otherwise, it may increase the chances of complications.


Published by Dr. Daniel Bronsky

Dr. Daniel is an orthodontist at Invis London.

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