Your teeth are very hard and can endure very hard food, but they have their limits. An injury biting down on very hard food like ice or candy can cause chipping of the tooth. If you are a sportsperson, a broken tooth is not something you must be coming across for the first time. But it can be very traumatic to chip or break a tooth, especially when it’s a front tooth. It affects your smile, and your confidence goes down the drain.

If treated on time, you can save your broken tooth. Remember, you cannot heal a chip or broken tooth without seeing an orthodontist. A thorough examination can only assess the extent of damage to your teeth at the dentist’s office.

What To Do If You Chip A Tooth?

There is a difference between chipping a tooth and breaking a tooth. Chipping is a minor problem which you can survive. A broken tooth is a whole different story. In case of a chipped tooth, try to get over-the-counter pain relief as soon as possible. Save the chipped part of your tooth. If it cannot be salvaged, that’s a different scenario.

How To Deal With A Broken Tooth?

If you chip or break a tooth, the first thing to do is to rinse your mouth with warm water. Then, clean it and try to stop the bleeding. If you can find the broken piece of the tooth, save it.

If your tooth has popped out of your mouth, clean it with water, and place it in a saline solution or water. Try to take it to the dentist in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, take medication to relieve the pain.

If your tooth has broken inside your mouth but has left a jagged edge, try to reach the hospital as soon as possible before it damages your gum and inside of your mouth.

The best way to deal with your chipped or broken tooth is to see a dentist quickly while attending to your teeth in the best possible manner. Do not try to treat it at home. It can cause infection and worsen the problem.

Different Problems And Their Treatment

Not every chipped or broken tooth needs treatment. The most common teeth to endure an injury are molars in the bottom line, but all teeth are prone to injury or damage. There can be cracks, chipping, or breaking of the tooth in your mouth.

Cracking is not always problematic. Minor hairline cracks in enamel are normal and don’t need treatment. Deeper cracks are something to worry about. They can range from the root of the tooth to the pulp, causing an infection. They can be traced with X-rays.

Then there is tooth chipping. Sometimes, when you have chipped a tooth but feel no pain or no cracking signs, you may not need treatment, but a visit to the doctor is still recommended.

You can buy over-the-counter tooth repair kits in case of a broken tooth or one with jagged edges. They include dental wax so you can cover the harmful edges and control further injury to the soft tissue. If you are in pain and the bleeding doesn’t stop, rush to the hospital.

What Are The Treatments Available For Chipped Or Broken Tooth?

The possible treatments for various teeth injuries are listed below-

  • Chipped Tooth

In the case of a slightly chipped tooth, the first step is to polish the surface and smooth the edge so you don’t damage your tongue by licking it. It happens. The second step is bonding. The dentist uses a composite resin that is tooth-colored and glues the two parts with an adhesive. It makes perfect teeth once again.   

  • Broken Tooth

There are several remedies for a broken tooth, such as surgery, dental cap or crowning, veneers, and extraction.

  • Surgery

In the case of a fractured root (a molar has various roots), a hemisection surgery needs to be performed where one of the roots is amputated, and a root canal is performed on the remaining tooth.

  • Dental Cap Or Crown

If your tooth is decayed and a large part of such a tooth is broken, you may need a crown for the rest of the tooth. The dentist files away from the decayed tooth and makes a place for a new crown or cap. It looks better. A tooth cap can be made of metal, resin, or ceramic.

If a large piece of the tooth is missing, X-rays are taken, and a temporary filling or crown is placed. Meanwhile, a crown is made for your tooth, and after 2-3 weeks, the temporary crown is removed to fit the permanent one.

  • Dental Veneers

In the case of a front tooth, a veneer may be placed. It’s like a fake tooth covering the front of your missing tooth with a thick backside to replace the broken tooth. The enamel of your tooth is removed, and an impression is sent o a dental lab for a veneer.

  • Extraction

If a tooth cannot be saved, i.e., the root is dead, and the crown is almost gone or decayed, extraction is the last resort.


Perfect teeth lead to a perfect smile. Any injury or damage in one or more teeth can cause severe problems. It is advised to make regular visits to the dentist. In case of an injury, make an interim appointment and reduce the damage.


Published by Dr. Daniel Bronsky

Dr. Daniel is an orthodontist at Invis London.

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