Black Tongue: Causes of Black Tongue and Treatment

Noticing tongue discoloration on one fine morning could upset anyone. But seeing the tongue changing color from natural light pink to black is not a matter of concern. As black tongue is a temporary oral condition which occurs due to overgrowth of bacteria or fungi or buildup of protein keratin on the surface of the […]

Swollen Uvula Treatment: Home Remedies

Are you experiencing difficulty in swallowing, speaking, or snoring affecting your sleep cycle? It could be due to abnormalities related to the uvula—the teardrop-shaped piece of soft tissue hanging down from the back palate of the mouth. This tinny-looking organ visible at the back of the throat made of connective and muscle tissue, saliva-producing glands, […]

Dental Prophylaxis – An Overview

Your overall health, wellness, and facial aesthetics depend on how effectively you maintain your oral hygiene. It is a fact that despite a healthy oral-care regimen, cavities, plaque, tartar, discoloration, and gum disease are very common. Fortunately, you can keep your teeth healthy and shining by visiting a dentist at regular intervals. Your dentist will […]

What is transient lingual papillitis?

The oral cavity is very complex and delicate, and any abrupt change or imbalance in diet could trigger an inflammatory reaction. One such manifestation of inflammation could be transient lingual papillitis (TLP), also known as “lie bumps”. The occurrence of small red or white bumps on the tongue is very common but painful and transient. […]

Charcoal Toothpaste

Everyone aspires to have sparkling white teeth to smile with confidence. Sacrificing favorite foods is not an option, so people are doing everything possible to maintain the natural shine of the teeth. The latest among at-home teeth whitening solutions is charcoal toothpaste. With a long history of effectiveness in treating poisoning and acute overdose, charcoal […]

Rotten Teeth: Signs and Treatment

The attractiveness of your smile depends on dental aesthetics as sparkling-white healthy teeth give you an electrifying smile. If you or your children are not practicing a standard oral care regimen, your teeth are at higher risk of cavities and decay. If you are not brushing and flossing properly, the carbohydrate-rich food particles remain stuck […]